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12 Steps Belize Tourism Businesses Can Pivot Their Marketing During a Crisis

Updated: May 8, 2020

This video was not created specifically for the Belize tourism industry. However, I believe that anyone can learn something they can apply to their business, from this video.

This video is being shared from Brad Sugars YouTube Channel. Consider showing your support by subscribing to his channel.


  1. Add value. Especially during this time. Your mindset should be “Help and Give,” not “Sell and Ask.”

  2. Update your Website!

  3. CTAs (Calls to Action)! There should be two clear offers to connect or act in every place your customer consumes your content.

  4. Step up the volume of content! Everyone is online now even more than normal. Your company should have multiple Tweets, Facebook posts, blog posts, or LinkedIn posts per day!

  5. That said, pick 2 social media platforms to really focus on (depending on your audience). 90% of your social effort should be on those 2 platforms - then spend the other 10% experimenting on others.

  6. Make content memorable with the “E-I-E-I-O concept.” (Entertain, Inspire, Educate, Inform, and Open Dialogue.)

  7. Your blog is how people find your site - not by magically landing on your home page. Businesses with a blog generate 126% more leads. If you aren’t already blogging, start. Always have a CTA at the end of every blog, even if it’s just to subscribe to your list. Re-purpose your blogs into LinkedIn articles. Your followers will be notified when you post content on LinkedIn.

  8. Short videos are the best form of marketing right now. (This is Brad’s opinion. For what it’s worth, I still think it’s email.)

  9. Interact back with your audience. If they “like” or comment on a post, reach out. Say Thanks! Invite them to subscribe.

  10. Learn to use Google Adwords if you don’t already know how.



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