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15 Things Belize Business Owners In The Tourism Industry Should Be Doing Right Now

Updated: May 8, 2020

I see a lot of business owners doing two things:

  1. Scrambling all over the place with no set plan in place.

  2. Doing absolutely nothing.

Before I start, make sure you understand that each business require different needs, however, laying low and waiting for things get back to "normal" and magically get better, isn't an option.

Here are 15 ideas you should at least consider:

  1. Research the new needs of tourists. Example: they will be looking for accommodation establishments that has stringent cleaning protocols. It definitely will not be business as usual after the crisis passes.

  2. Stop watching the news every single day. Feed your mind with useful ideas instead.

  3. Build strategic alliances. Partner-up with other businesses in your area. Businesses that offer a complimentary, but non-conflicting service. If you own a resort or hotel, partner up with restaurants, tour guides, tour operators.

  4. Sit down and think about how you can offer new, highly profitable services.

  5. Develop a Plan to move your business forward.

  6. Form endorsed relationships.

  7. Before you market anything to anyone, remember that these are not normal times for everyone. Be very careful with what you say and what you do, people are very sensitive right now.

  8. Look outside your industry for new ideas, which could dramatically improve your business.

  9. Get to know your clients better.

  10. Hire expert marketing help. This is the worst time in history to rely on DIY marketing.

  11. Start a blog, then distribute it via email. Like I am doing. If you are a tour operator, why not use your expertise to talk about all the cool tour destinations that you know about, give details on how you are preparing to make the tours better.

  12. Ramp up your marketplace outreach.

  13. Look for ways to connect your clients or customers with one another.

  14. Ask your clients and former clients, “How can I help?”.

  15. Send a ‘thank you’ to all those helping you during the crisis.

Whatever you do, do not lay low, get!

Laying low will only allow your competitors to gain a huge advantage over you. I see this happening to small to medium sized tourism businesses in Belize. They are doing nothing while the large businesses are starting to crank out marketing strategies.

Remember: try to look at the Belize tourism industry as a collective entity such as a beehive, when one does great, we all do great. And this is one of the main reasons I started this blog category, using my expertise to research and share free advice.

You can share this information with anyone you like. It is free. You can even re-write it for your own blog. Get moving. And get moving now.

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