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"The difference between greatness and mediocrity is how an individual views a mistake."

Nelson Boswell - American Author

Path: Excellence or Perfection. Result: Greatness or Mediocrity; Must my goal be perfection or could it be excellence? Could there be a difference? Have you ever considered how versatile humans are in the art of failure? We even shock ourselves at times with our brain glitches. We all have had a moment in time when our mind goes blank. How do you view mistakes? Let's look at our patterns. Why are many of us so driven for perfection and use negative talk? (Unrealistic) Do you suffer from "I must get a 100% or the world will end syndrome?" (Be Perfect) Are you obsessed with exactness or redoing a product? (Fearful) Notice: Are you a risk evader? (Avoider) "Guess I won't try because I'm not perfect." (Procrastinator) "It's best if I put off this task since I won't do a perfect job or get a perfect score anyway." (Stressed/Anxious) "I'll disappoint myself and others." This thinking leads to stress, failure, poor self-esteem.

Turn your thinking around. Go for excellence instead. (Priorities) Just make your bed in the morning. Forget that the pillows are not positioned in just the right place. (Be Free) Your A- will not cause the Earth's orbit to freeze in place. (Be adventurous) Your first attempt at planting a garden might not produce food for your whole family, but it might entice some enjoyable family time together or lead to a new hobby. (Be intentional) Consider which items on your "To Do" list are top priority (something really crucial is at stake); (Be focused) then work your heart out to do your personal BEST. (De-stress) Chill out on the other items on your list. (Be optimistic) Talk positive to yourself; (Bounce Back) when knocked down by failure; get up fast and (Serve) put focus on doing good for others. That's "EXCEL"lence" in action. Select Excellence over Perfection. Choose to Stay healthy and stress free!

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