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"Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least."

Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe - Writer, playwright (1749-1832)

As you plan your day today, take a look at your "To Do" list and consider assessing what things serve as more important to get done by using the "Most and Least method." Allowing insignificant tasks to trump the significant and life changing activities of your day adds little to the value of your future. How do you determine what matters most or least? Does the activity in some way support the improvement of others and self? Is it relationship building or merely wealth building? Or does the goal combine the two? Is the goal more about impressing others or growing and improving self for loving others better? Put your inner needs high on the list, relationship building, character development, family, friends and neighbors. What matters least are things that soon fade away. Plan today for things that matter most.

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