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Have you ever taken a good look around your home and realize the amount of useless stuff/junk you have bought over the years; things you bought on impulse, things you ended up never using and just became another part of all the other stuff you have stored in boxes and drawers and shelves all over your home? You may say, at the moment of your impulse purchase, that "it was only $1, it was only $2, it was only $10 etc..." however, I want you to grab a notepad and a pen and start writing the items down and putting a dollar value to them. Jot down as many items as you can, take as long as you need, for this is an important exercise, and then you add up the numbers. You will come to realize that you have literally thrown away thousands and thousands of dollars, each year, on things that you can barely give away. They could never be liquidated for even close the the original value you paid for them.

This is an important step to take in your life, and that step is to eliminate or drastically reduce purchasing things you simply do not need. In a years time you will be pleasantly surprised by how much money you have save. Another important step is to start liquidating things you do not need or use anymore. Have a yard sale, and whatever is left simply give them away, and after that step, throw away what is left. De-clutter your living space, de-clutter your life.

I encourage you to take some time to watch the attached YouTube video. It is quite enlightening: "How Rich Men Think and Act - the secret why they become richer and richer"

Check out video

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