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When you are looking for employees to fill certain positions in your company, and you are not certain how to go about it, then here's a simple way to simplify the process...

...focus on attitude.

It is very difficult to convert someone with a bad attitude.

Even if that person is very skilled, they will, more than likely, end up as a liability to your company, than an asset.

Someone's attitude is infectious and bad attitudes will cause friction among your other employees.

If you want your business to be successful, you want your entire team to have an outgoing and positive attitude.

This will allow them to work well with each other, and most importantly your customers will have excellent service.

Great employees + Happy (repeat) customers = successful (growing) business.

In conclusion:

  • identify potential employees with a great attitude, even if they don't have the required skills you need.

  • it is significantly easier to train someone with a great attitude, and develop their skill-sets.

Hire for attitude. Train for skill.

hire for attitude train for skill

PS: Did you notice on the Triangle Of Success, the Attitudes side has the most features?

PSS: As the employer, you need to lead by example. Therefore, you also must have a great attitude. It is critical.

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