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Having a good time is great. Buying things you always wanted, will satisfy your material desires. However, in the world today, where so many people are in debt, and too often it is because of buying unnecessary things, and making unnecessary mistakes, it is pertinent to be cautious and conscientious about your money.

The four main mistakes I made in my own personal financial life were:

1. I was always looking out for people, mainly family members, and not looking out for myself. It is a difficult thing being surrounded by self-defeatist people who indulge in self-pity when they financially fail. They simply fall apart the minute something fails, and then you become their personal piggy bank to prop them up.

2. I allowed family member to manipulate me, use moral-suasion and guilt, to put myself in debt on their behalf.

3. Cleaning up other people's mistakes, and then becoming completely responsible for those mistakes, while those persons wipe their hands clean of their mistakes.

4. Allowing people to steal from me and not doing anything about it.

The First Step Towards Financial Freedom:

Over a year ago I made a conscious decision to drastically change my life, by removing all negative and burdensome people and situations from my life, and focus on fixing, once and for all, the mistakes that other people, especially family members, have made and dumped in my lap. I am now moving forward by educating myself as much as I can and implementing what I learn, so that I no longer make those mistakes, and also to help as many people, as a go along.

I must emphasis: the first step you want to do to start your journey to financial freedom is to remove negative and burdensome people and situations from your life. It will be hard. You will create animosity and downright hate, but time will prove that you made the right decision, and it will have a positive impact on your life and those people that you removed from your life, and in instances, cause you to have a better relationship with those people.

What have been your financial challenges, and how have you solved them?

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