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One of the most devastating thing I have ever seen business owners do is, seek professional advice about a knowledge deficiency that they have, yet when they receive advice on how to mitigate or approach a particular problem or obstacle, they disregard the advice - if it does not line up with what they think should be done, out the door it goes.

Example: A business owner will ask about ways they can get better value for their money. They will seek and pay for professional advice. Anyone who knows about modern day marketing, and how fluid it is, will tell you that your best bang for your buck right now, is online marketing - social media and website (SEO content marketing).

I have seen two reaction to this revelation by business owners: 1. They will revert back to their standard method of marketing - a radio ad here and there that is heard and quickly forgotten, a newspaper ad that will end up on the kitchen floor and then the trash, or 2. they will simply get frustrated and don't do any marketing at all, which is the worst thing you can do.

As I have written about before, and will continue to write about, one of the best forms of marketing your business, is via social media, such as Facebook. Opening a Facebook page is absolutely FREE. Posting a picture or a little blurb about what is going on in your business, is also very easy to do, such as with a Smart phone, and paying to promote your page and/or individual posts can reach thousands of people for a few dollars a week. Unlike a radio ad, you can keep a Facebook ad in front of people days and weeks or months at a time.

I have done a very basic targeted promotion of this page - LeslieTech, for I am testing different methods and recording their results: I have invested $2 per day, and this week alone my page posts have reach over 2,000 people. That is not bad.

Do you need help with creating a Facebook page, designing Facebook ad campaigns, website development? Contact me at 610-1733 for more information.

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