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When marketing your product or service focus:

- Focus on benefits, not specifics - This apple pie is delicious and healthy NOT this apple pie was made from 2 dozen apples.

- Focus on value, not price - My apple pie will feed your entire family and have left overs for friends NOT It is only $9.99, but I will give it to you for $8 if you buy now.

- Focus on show, not learn - Put your apple pie on displace with one slice showing how large the portion is NOT "Hi, my apple pies are large, delicious and healthy, are you interested in taking one home?" Let people SEE not HEAR.

- Focus on emotions, not reasons - Your husband and kids will enjoy a slice of healthy apple pie after a long day from work and school NOT This apple pie is only $8 today and if you put it in the freezer it will last two weeks.

- Focus on you, not I - focuse on the customer's needs, motivations, problems, and emotions. NOT "I need to make a sale today, the rent is due."

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