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When iPhone, Samsung and other smartphone manufacturers fine tuned their operating system (OS) and Belize Telemedia Limited and Smart Belize started to offer fast mobile internet access, such as our current 4G system, I realized that properly utilizing the features, power and apps on Smartphones could significantly increase my efficiency and productive.

A smart phone, connected to the internet, is a powerful mobile computerthat offers, in many instances, more features and usability than a laptop computer - you are walking around with an HD video and still camera and HD audio recorder.

Here are some recommended use and apps that can increase your productive, efficiency and most of all, assist you in marketing your business:

- Take a picture and/or a short video clip and post it to your business Facebook page and/or other social media you are a member of, at least once a day. Your Smartphone allows you to do this extremely easily.

- Register your email in your Smartphone (I recommend a Gmail account), this allow you to check your email, sync your calender, photos, videos and to-do list while on the go, and will allow you to respond to clients promptly, check your schedule and keep you track with daily tasks you need to complete etc. This will increase your conversion rate and customer satisfaction index as well as efficiency and productivity.

- Use Evernote: have you ever been in a meeting or out and about and a great idea popped in your head, however you have no pen or paper to jot it down. Evernote is one of the best Smartphone app that will help you keep track of notes, ideas, even scan and save documents with your camera. It also allows you to clip articles via your mobile browser, which makes collecting information from your phone, very efficient.

In conclusion, there are many things you can do with your Smartphone. The possibilites are almost limitless, however, these three recommendations will immediately increase your efficiency and productivity, and allow you to increase your client conversation rate and satisfaction index.

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