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I read a lot of comments on Facebook where people post a picture of some new purchase and point out that they just purchased a new "toy."

This is a mind set that has so many Belizeans trapped in debt. Too many Belizeans purchase unnecessary items - things they don't need - and when they do they consider a "toy."

In today's world, you need to get into the mind set that every purchase should serve a specific purpose. There should be a measurable value that it will bring to your life/business.

And most of all make sure that it is an asset and not a liability. Example, if you are a fisherman and you want to sell your product around the country, purchasing a truck is an asset since it will help you move your product. Purchasing a pimped out Chevy Mustang is a liability, since you just purchased something you will not be able to utilize for your business and will depreciation until the point you sell it for a lot less than you purchased it.

In conclusion, nothing you purchase should be considered a "toy." make sure it will serve a specific purpose. Ask yourself what is the value it will bring to your life/business. Why? At the end of the day, money literally represents your life force. Every dollar you make you had to give up energy and time which is literally your life force that you will never get back. Invest it wisely.

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