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Walking into a business establishment and seeing disorder, automatically creates disorder in me. It makes me uncomfortable. I am not alone, this is true for just about everyone, whether you are fully aware of it, or just subconsciously aware of it. Go into your office, kitchen, bedroom, living room and see if it is messy, and focus on how it makes you feel. Go ahead try it, I will wait...

To counter this pitfall, I highly recommend to any business owner to apply Kaizen Principle to improve your work space and especially your frame of mind.

Kaizen is a method and a word that was created in Japan after World War II. The word means "continous improvement." The Toyota company from Japan, one of the most popular automobile manfufacturing company in the world, has made has made this principle a part of their Toyota Production System (TPS).

Kaizen simply means that you should set standards and then continually improving those standards. Here are a couple easily applied examples:

  1. Clean your work area thoroughly.

  2. Everything has a place, therefore put everything in its place. If you have papers and files all over your desk, then organize and file them accordingly.

  3. Replace incandescent light bulbs with flourescent light bulbs.

It is really that simple. Kaizen can be as complex are as simple as you want it to be, however, once you start applying it, you will want to "continually improve."

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