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One of my pet peeve about visiting business establishments all over Belize, is going into a place of business and listening to the owner and/or employees complain.

I have heard owners and/or employees complain about various personal and business issues in front of customers. I understand, life is real, and hard, and many times there are issues that affect us in our places of business and our personal lives.

One thing you need to always remember, is that customers who visit your establishment have their own problems to deal with, we all do. And it makes most people uncomfortable to have to listen to other people complain about their problems, especially in a place of business.

My recommendation don't do it. It is that simple. The owner, of course, should set the example. If there are issues, whether business or personal, that needs discussing, do so behind closed doors. If your employees are having a bad day, give them a shoulder to lean on, talk to them about their issue, and explain to them in a nice way, that it is not good business practice to complain in front of customers..

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