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Types of Handshakes

Today we will talk about handshakes. I have met many people due to being involved in the tourism industry basically from birth, due to my involvement in politics and business in general.

There are many types of handshake, however I have identified and classfied 4 main types. I will list them, give a brief explanation and then tell you which one is my favorite and why:

  1. Weak and limp handshake.

  2. Cold and clammy handshake.

  3. Lumberjack handshake.

  4. Firm and assertive handshake.

Weak and limp handshake: I go in to shake someone's hand, especially a man, and I get a very weak, limp-wristed handshake. To me, this shows that the person lacks confidence, is intimidated and/or deceptive.

Cold and clammy handshake: I go in to shake someone's hand and you get a very cold and clammy handshake. This usually comes from someone who works in an office environment.

Tip: To counter this, if you have a meeting setup with someone, 5 minutes before the meeting, wash your hands and dry them thoroughly, don't use lotion, lotion tend to exasberbate the situation. A minute or so before the person is expected to show up, start rubbing your hands together, it will make them dry and warm when you go in to shake the person's hand.

Lumberjack handshake: I go in to shake someone's hand and they try to rip my hand off. You end up massaging your shoulders immediately after the handshake. To me, this shows that the person is overconfident or trying too hard to impress.

Firm and assertive handshake: I go in to shake somone's hand and they give a nice firm grip, with a two pulse shake and then let go (non-clammy hands). To me, this shows that the person is confident, assertive and respectful.

My favorite handshake is the firm and assertive handshake, and I believe this is the preferred handshake by most professionals. Why? Because it is hard to go wrong with this handshake. When you first meet someone, first impressions are most important. Also, never forget to look directly in the person's eyes when you shake their hands.

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