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Take Pictures...With Customers

Happy customers

Today I will let you know a very easy way to promote your business and thus boost your sales. I take it as part of my everyday routine, as a Marketing Consultant, to monitor different businesses websites, Facebook page and their overall Online Presence.

One of the most powerful, and FREE, tool that most businesses don't take advantage of is taking pictures of their customers having fun in their busienss establishment. I see this a lot in service businesses, such as restaurants. Most restaurants I see post tons of pics of their delicious looking food, however, I will search their Facebook page Photos sections and seldom find pictures with cusotmers actually in their place of business sitting down eating, socialing and having a great time.

Here is what you can do - I will use restaurants as the example, however this initiative can apply to any business type - when your retaurant is filled during lunch hour or dinner hour, pull out your smart phone, turn it on mute, take off the flash - you don't want to startle your customers - and snap some candid shots. Try taking pictures of people talking and smiling, these are the best photos you can post to your Facebook page and Website.

If you feel ambitious, ask your regular customers to pose for a picture, offer them a free dessert or something like that. This will make them feel special and word-of-mouth marketing is probably the most powerful marketing tool you have at your disposal, and the few dollars it will cost you to give a table of 4 a free dessert, you will make back thousands via word-of-mouth generated business.

If you need help with your Online Presence, please sign up for my FREE Online Presence Audit (OPA), and find out what you are doing right and what you can do better, and how I may be able to help you increase your Online Presence.


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