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3 Things To Do Today

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Currently the planet has about 3 billion people with internet access, and millions of blogs giving content information on how to live to how to tie your shoelaces. With all this information floating around, you are sure to a catch a bad case of IOS (Information Overload Sickness) from time to time.

However, this blog is not about all that stuff. This blog is specifically geared towards the small business owner looking for some inspirational marketing tips and ideas, without having to repeat in their heads SERP, SERP, SERP, which actually means Search Engine Results Page, but more on that down the road, no need to hassle yourself with that just yet.

Always, and I mean, always do the easy stuff first when in comes to growing and nurturing your Online Presence.

1. UPDATE CONTENT...OFTEN. This is not the 1990's folks, if I visit your website and you have the same photos and same content on your site, that is as old as when you use to go Footlose dancing in an abandone warehouse...wait a minute...anyways, you get my drift. You need to develop the habit of creating original content about what is going on in your company on a regular basis. You don't have to be a wordsmith that can rhyme like the Rap God. Simply write a post about the wild guy who ate two burgers and a slice of pizza in one sitting, or an upcoming event, or something cool that is happening in your community, or a new strategy that can save your clients taxes. The more you do it, the easier it gets, trust me.

2. KEEP TWEAKING YOUR SITE. Visit your site everyday, and pretend to be a visitor going through your site. Ask yourself: What is my site trying to make me do - CTA (Call To Action) - are you a hotel site that has a big bright, attractive button that says "Book Now" and the integrated OBE (Online Booking Engine) makes it easy to book, pay and confirm a room? Are you a restaurant that makes it easy to find your menu, which changes daily (dynamic content) an also make it possible for people to easily find your address, opening hours and telephone number? Are you a service provider - accountant, lawyer - and your site makes it easy for a client to make an appointment? If your site does not make it easy for visitors to do these things, then your website is NOT fulfilling its purpose. Digital cob web is not cool.

3. KISS (KEEP IT SIMPLE, STUPID). You thought about the other kiss, didn't you? What I mean is, keep your content clean, clear and simple. Don't try to write an Encyclopedia britannica's worth of content on your site. 55% of visitors spend fewer than 15 seconds once they land on your website, which means you have 15 seconds to grab their attention. If your site doesn't do that, then your site may end up with a high "bounce rate." Check out, they have hundreds of professionally designed templates that will help you get an idea on how to develop your website.

This list of 3 things is a great place to start: you want the content on your site to be update frequently - utilize a blog, its free; you want your site to be guiding your visitor on what to actually do on your site - book a room, check out your menu, make an appointment; you want your site to be clean, clear and simple for visitors to find the information they are looking for and to navigate. Do these 3 things and you are ahead of the game! Trust me, I have seen websites with people wearing leather pants with a flashing animated GIF that says "NEW". It's nauseating.

Build, own and manage your own site with Wix. If you need help, give me a call or drop me an email, I have about 9 years experience with this platform. 501-610-1733 |

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