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Negative Vs. Positive Marketing Campaigns

Very interesting: I am taking this marketing course to polish my skills and get further certified, and one of the professors was asked what specific campaigns he liked and hated.

I write this blog post today, for I find what he said very disturbing. At the end of my post, I will recommend what I believe you should do, instead. The professors teaches at the University of British Colombia; he answered the question by stating he would not identify a particular campaign but a campaign type, and he hated this campaign type for two reasons.

The campaign type he identified: The negative political campaign approach. Basically, what we call in Belize, the badmouthing of others.

Reason # 1: His research found that a lot of political campaign from all over the world focuses on negative, often selective, unrepresentative and narrow comments, to denigrate the opponent instead of saying something positive.

Reason # 2: Data actually shows that negative political campaigns actually work. Why is it effective, you may ask? It is effective because people are prepared to believe the bad news. This explains a lot as to why political ads in Belize have been used, with great effect, it seems, over the past decades. This, to me, is quite disturbing.

My Recommendation:

It would be unwise to use negative campaign ads to sell your product or service, for ultimately, it will cause severe, irreversible damage to the reputation of your brand. I recommend that you use marketing campaigns to focus on the positives of what you offer - your strong value propositions.

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