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'Happy' New Year

Charles Leslie Jr.

Happiness is not a destination. It is not a singularity. There is no one 'thing' that will bring you happiness.

Happiness is a collection of experiences, and most importantly, how you react to those experiences.

Do you hold on to old grudges when you visit family and friends for the Christmas, for example, or do you breath in a breath of fresh air and enjoy every moment of being with family and friends - living in the moment?

There is no unified formula for happiness, each person has their own unique psychological make up, which is an amalgamation of unique personal experiences. However, if I was to make one suggestion, I would say: do your best to change your attitude towards yourself and the world. Do your best to smile, to be positive, and when something negative do happen, do not react right away, take time to ponder and make the experience into a positive lesson, example, training yourself to avoid making that same mistake again, avoiding that same situation, or how to handle a similar situation in the future.

I wish you Happy and prosperous New Year, with a brand new attitude towards life.

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