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2 Powerful Ways To Promote Your Business

Did you realize that there are two powerful and easy-to-use marketing tools to promote your business?

Technology has advanced in leaps and bounds, and today you can build a professional Online Presence in no time, without knowing how to write one line of code.

The two most important things you can do to build your Online Presence and thus generate more sales for your business, is to build a website and create a Facebook business page.


As a Certified Wix Webmaster, I can comfortably tell you that Wix is the easiest online website building tool for small business owners. It has hundreds of professionally designed templates that can be easily customize for your business. You can create a free website in a very short time. To make your site fully custom and professional, you can pay for a premium plan.

A Website builds trust

Social Media

Most of you who are reading this blog post, I am certain, are avid Facebook users. Facebook is a very powerful tool to use to help build your Online Presence. Setting up a Facebook Business Page takes about 10 minutes and it is free. Its easy to use the setup wizard that will help walk you through the entire process. Once completed you can invite all your Facebook friends to like and share your page and you can also pay to promote your Facebook page to your targeted audience.

Social media builds awareness

Facts To Remember:

  • Digital shoppers purchase at a 40% higher rate than in-store shoppers (Deloitte, 2014)

  • 82% of internet users prefer researching products online than inside a physical store. (eMarketer, 2014)

  • 59% of consumers are influenced by online ads. (InMobi, 2012)

  • 55% of small businesses don't have a website. (Google, 2013)

Your Website's function is to build trust and your social media profiles is to build awareness:

  • Stay open 24/7

  • Capture leads from near and far

  • Build trust with customers

  • And last but not least, increase your sales.

I can help you build your business's Online Presence by:

  1. Creating a professional website that will build trust

  2. Creating a Facebook Business Page that will build awareness for your business

  3. Creating a professional Digital Marketing Plan so that you can further establish and maintain your Online Presence

Your competition is already online or will be soon. You can't afford not to have an Online


Contact me today for a free consulation!

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