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"What can I say about Mr. Charles Leslie?"

What can I say about Mr. Charles Leslie? Well for starters I have known this hardworking man for over 3 years and he has been one of the most pleasant individuals to have worked for me thus far! Mr. Leslie I would consider to be the jack of all trades when it comes to being computer and technology savvy! I’ve been struggling for months with getting my AIRBNB account to function so that I can have business flowing in and out of my Bed and Breakfast and like a help from God Mr. Leslie came to my rescue.

Now I’m registered with AIRBNB getting business that I wasn’t able to get before. Payments have been easy, bookings are hassle free, my life and work load has been a lot easier and to think it only took the expertise of Mr. Leslie. He is also the person responsible for the creation of my Bed and Breakfast brochures, business cards and website. Although I am way behind when it comes to today’s technology, Mr. Leslie’s gentle and patient spirit sits and explain everything to me thoroughly that by the time he is done I am well versed in something that was once foreign to me.

I’ve had many freelance workers before but never have I seen a more dedicated individual as Mr. Charles Leslie. As a business woman I know that you can always train for job knowledge but you can never train for the right attitude. This is why I would recommend Mr. Leslie to ANY individual who is starting up a business and needs help, or even those who are already established but needs a little extra marketing. Mr. Leslie is your go to guy and I highly endorse him for he has the perfect balance of being pragmatic and creative! Five Stars from myself and Yoli’s Bed & Breakfast.

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