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Why It's Important To Re-invent Yourself Everyday

One of the most soul-crushing habit that too many people have, is the habit of trapping themselves in destructive ways of thinking and doing things. They are petrified of changing their habits, for various reasons, mainly out of fear and stubbornness.

Re-Invent Yourself

Do not be afraid to re-invent yourself every single day if necessary. Develop the habit of learning something positive from every situation or person every day. This will make you better at what you do, better understand what you do, and a better person.

"But, how do I do this?" some may ask. It is quite simple: If you had the habit of being in a down mood every Monday. Consciously tell yourself this coming Monday morning before starting your work day, that you will focus on being in a good mood. Smile with strangers, read some funny jokes, read a few inspirational quotes, share an inspirational quote on Facebook, congratulate someone on an accomplishment. Do this every Monday going forward, and within a couple weeks to a couple months, you will see that you will start looking forward to Mondays, because you want to feel good by making people feel good.

The key is to consciously realize and focus on the fact that you can learn something positive from every situation and every person you meet, every day. Even if, in the past, you believe you could not. Develop this habit until it becomes automatic, and you will understand why it's important to re-invent yourself everyday. Never stop working on becoming better than who you were yesterday. Sounds a bit cliche and corny, but my gosh it works.

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