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Don't Worry, You Will Find Your Purpose, Here's How

Finding Your Purpose

At 12 years old my father almost accidentally blew me in half with a shotgun that malfunctioned.

This incident thought me the fragility of life.

At 29 years old, in 2009, two police officers almost beat me to death. This incident, once again, thought me the fragility of life, but it also helped me realised my purpose. From that day forward I decided I wanted to fight for a better system, since the current one created and nurtured a law enforcement system that breeds abuse and oppression of people.

At first, I was not quite sure how I would go about my purpose. The drive within me faded after a few months of frustration in thinking about it. However, in April of the following year - 2010 - the village council elections where coming up for my village of Placencia, Belize.

I decided that I would get involved in local level politics. I decided I would run for the Chairmanship position. I disliked partisan politics in local level elections, thus, I decided to run independent. I started to talk to people in my village to get them to help me build an independent slate. Right away I knew the odds where against me. Cognitive dissonance is a powerful psychological phenomena. I did not give up.

I ran and won. I completed 100% of my Manifesto within the 3 year time frame. I lost my second try because of my naivety in understanding the powers and intricacies of partisan politics. I did not give up. Throughout my 3 years as Chairman I got to meet a lot of people. We kept it touch.

I moved to Belmopan and got involved deeper into politics. I got to meet more people who had a burning desire for a new political party, a new political consciousness. With lots of meetings, and discussions, I am proud to say that I have completed, with the guidance of God, a significant portion of my purpose, and that was to help consolidate all the active regional political parties of Belize, into a national political party - the Belize Progressive Party.

This BPP made history in 2015 when 25 Belizeans stood up, against all odds, and put their names on the ballot in 25 constituencies. The BPP did not win. However, they did something unprecedented in the history of Belize. I am now certain that the BPP will win and change the course of Belize forever. This may not be with my involvement. However, I can look back with great pride and patriotism, that I pushed through my fears of running for the chairman of Placencia, for it has lead me to where I am today, standing shoulder to shoulder with so many amazing Belizean patriots.

My life will never been the same. I see the world differently with each passing day. I see its great potential to eradicate misery and suffering, and I know it will happen in the near future.

Apply this mentality to your business and you will be successful. A business is to serve others. find what you want to serve others and you will find the genesis to your purpose and thus the purpose of your business. Pursue, with great tenacity, your purpose, and not focusing on money as your measurement of success, however always increasing the value of your product or service, and money will become a natural side effect.

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