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Why You Can't Find Success and How To Fix It

You are too busy focusing on the lives of others. The talents that they have and they utilized to give them the success they have.

It is the same reason why actors, for example, are adorned by so many. People believe that these people are God-like and feel empty that they are not as beautiful, successful and rich as these actors on the big screen.

This behavior is what inhibits many people from being successful. Because they completely ignore their own talents. Yes, you are talented. Every single person on this planet has a talent. But you ignore it.

What you need to do is identify your talent. It might be something that you think is simple and meaningless. It could be that you are great at organizing family gatherings, or great at working with children, or painting, or taking apart electronics, the list goes on, on the talents people have and don't recognize.

Once you identify your talent (something that brings you pleasure and joy) do everything to learn about it. Practice and develop your talent. Invest a solid year, you will be surprised in 3 months how far you have increased your talent, and in a year, there will be no turning back.

Give it a try. Go for it. Learn from others, but don't let their talents and success make you feel that yours is worthless, or you will never be successful.

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