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3 Stages Of Digital Marketing

3 Stages Of Digital Marketing

Here is the bottom line. Digital Marketing is probably one of the most important things you can invest in to grow your Online Presence and thus your business and of course, your bottom line.

How long will you bounce between stage 1 and 2 before you realize you need help to develop a digital marketing strategy?

1. Do nothing: you will open the doors to your business everyday and hope and pray that you will get more customers walking through your door. Sure, you will get a little spurt here and there, but the sad reality is, you will go to bed almost every night stressed, depressed that you are simply not getting more customers and thus growing your bottom line.

2. Try marketing yourself: you will get to a point that you will give digital marketing a try for yourself. You will more than likely start with a DIY (Do It Yourself) approach. You will try free and paid digital marketing tools. You will open a Facebook page and abandon it when you realize you are not getting any more business. You will try digital marketing trends, and when you realize that you just added one more worry to your day, you will become even more frustrated.

3. Getting professional help: When you want your monthly taxes done, who do you hire? An accountant. When you have electrical problems, who do you hire? An electrician.

Unless, you have time to spend years in a digital marketing course, learning the ins and out, I recommend that you take the much easier route and hire a professional digital marketing agency. You will save yourself from heart palpitations, sleepless nights and you will start seeing more customers, and more money in the bank.

If you need help developing a Digital Marketing Strategy tailored to your business, contact us today.


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