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The Power Of Dollar Marketing On Facebook

Dollar Marketing On Facebook

I am sure you will agree that it is hard to get your business noticed on Facebook with so many competition out there.

Or so you think.

Small businesses usually do two things:

  1. First, they avoid Facebook marketing;

  2. or, secondly they try to do it themselves and spend hundreds of dollars targeting the wrong market segment, and get frustrated when they don't get any additional business from those efforts.

Seriously, I have seen businesses utilizing a Facebook marketing strategy that tries to target the entire planet.

It's Easy:

If you don't want to hire a Facebook marketing company, and still want to proceed in tackling promoting your business through that powerful social media platform, you will want to keep a few things in mind.

Quick Facebook Marketing Tips - let's pretend you own a hotel in San Pedro, Belize.

  1. Start an ad to promote your Page

  2. Go to "People You Chose Through Targeting"

  3. Gender: Select "All"

  4. Age group: San Pedro is small and has a small population, so keep the age range from 18 - 65+ because you may end up targeting less that *1,000 people.

  5. Locations: target your specific area. If you have a beachfront hotel on San Pedro, you will chose San Pedro as your target area. **Put it at 10 a miles radius.

  6. Interests: type in interests that you think people in San Pedro may be interested in when it comes to your particular business. Such as, but not limited to: tourism, beach front hotel, accommodation, vacation, relaxation, swimming etc. Facebook usually makes additional recommendations. Chose what you think is best. Add more interests if you like.

  7. Save: save once you are finished with this section.

  8. Budget and Duration: scroll down to Budget and Duration. Set your budget to ***$1 per day and select the amount of days you want to run the ad. I recommend 7 days, for this will help you get an idea of the effectiveness of your ad and you can then adjust accordingly, thereafter.

  9. Estimated: Facebook will tell you the amount of estimated likes per day you will get for your budget. Don't freak out if it looks too low, remember, you are targeting people who are 'interested' in your type of business.

  10. Newsfeed choice: I recommend choosing the Mobile Newsfeed. There are far more people in Belize using mobile devices for Facebook than desktop users. However, you may want to use both, at your first try, so that you can get a good idea what is working and what isn't.

A few things to keep in mind:

  • *Audience: if your audience is too small (under 1000 people) Facebook will let you know by displaying that it is unable to tell you how many likes per day you will get. Make adjustments in the "People You Chose Through Targeting" section, such as removing some interests and increasing the radius.

  • **Locations: Adjust accordingly based on the reach of your promoted page.

  • ***Budget and Duration: You can adjust your budget and duration (max. 28 days at a time) to what you are comfortable with. Facebook does have a limit on each account, and will let you know the maximum per day you can spend.

From my calculations, a hotel in San Pedro, running a Dollar Marketing On Facebook, should be able to get 4 - 16 likes per day.

This matters, why?

You will be building an audience that is highly targeted for your business. You will have a much higher chance moving them through your Sales Funnel and turning those likes into paying customers. (I will be writing about Sales Funnels, soon).

Go ahead, give a try, and find out the power of a dollar. Need help? Contact us.


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