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One of the Biggest Mistakes Hotels in Belize Make

I have seen 5 star hotels in Belize to cheap hotels in Belize, get beautiful websites built and they still have a basic contact form to take reservations. Some don't even have that.

Why is this a big mistake?

Big Mistake

We are in a digital age and era where people are accustomed to making purchases and searching for all inclusive hotels in Belize, and making payment and booking online.

If you do not have a Property Management System (PMS) integrated into your website, where people can easily find available dates and booking online... are wasting your time in getting a website built. No matter how nice it looks.

AirBnB has become so large, because they make it so, mindbogglingly, easy for someone to make an online booking. It also makes it very easy for the property owner to manage their reservations.

So easy, It can be done from your phone.

Why A Property Management System (PMS)?

Why a Property Management System

Back in the day, you would have to purchase a very expensive PMS software, hire a technician to install it your main office computer and then go through days, if not weeks of training to learn the system...

...and you would have to then go through this training for each Front Desk/Reservations person you hire.

That was a nightmare!

Today, everything happens and operates in the 'cloud.' You do not need to download software anymore.

All you need now, is a computer (any computer) that has an internet connection, and voila, you can manage your property...

...from anywhere in the world, if you like.

Most PMS can be easily, and seamlessly integrated directly into your website. Most charge a per year cost, that boils down to a few hundred dollars, compared to the old PMS software, which could cost in the thousands of dollars.

Our favorite PMS is the WixHotels.

It is the web development platform of choice for over 67 million users worldwide.

WixHotels is a code-free booking engine that can be fully integrated into the Wix websites of hotels, B&Bs, hostels and vacation rentals.


Leslie Tech Digital Marketing is the only certified Wix Webmaster in Belize


One of our favorite reason: The integration between Myallocator by Cloudbeds and WixHotels will allow hoteliers to market their vacant inventory on thousands of new online marketplaces.

Why is this important?

Imagine you have your Bed & Breakfast on AirBnB, VRBO, etc. it would be a nightmare to try and keep all the calendars manually updated and synchronized.

With the smooth integration of WixHotels and MyAllocator Channel Manager, you can control ALL your channels, from your WixHotels PMS!...

...and the learning curve for WixHotels...let's just say, that you can let your 10 year old child run your entire reservations system after a couple hours training.

Learn more about Property Management Systems and MyAllocator Channel Manager...

...and how it can help you streamline the management of your hotels in Belize, click here.

Whether your property is one of the best places to stay in Belize on the beach, or one of the small hotels in Belize City, you should seriously consider getting a professional website built with an integrated PMS.

Click here if you need a professional website with an integrated PMS.

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