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Your site is being penalized! How To Stop It.

Did you know that Google announced in September, 2016 that they would start to call out and penalizing websites if they were not secured?

Yup, it's true and we hope your web developer is paying attention...

...if not, your site's Bounce Rate, Click Through Rate and SEO could suffer. Which could translate to loss business.

How To Know If Your Site Is Secure

Secure Your Site with SSL (HTTPS)

To check if your site is secured, type in the URL (In Google Chrome for example), and you will see in the URL/Search Bar a green padlock with the word "Secure" (also green) next to it.

Here is an official excerpt from CNN Tech


"In an announcement published to the Google Security Blog on Thursday, the search giant said users of its Chrome browser will be warned when accessing non-secure websites, starting January 2017.

Users won't be blocked from accessing non-secure sites, but they will be alerted when visiting an address that doesn't use an encrypted connection.

Websites with a "HTTPS" added before the URL indicate an added level of security to normal web browsing, compared to visiting a non-secure "HTTP" connection. This guarantees users are reaching the website they intend to visit, and the extra security protects them against hackers.

"When you load a website over HTTP, someone else on the network can look at or modify the site before it gets to you," Google explained in the statement."


You Are In Good Hands With Leslie Tech Digital Marketing

Safe Hands with Leslie Tech Digital Marketing

If Leslie Tech Digital Marketing built your website, you have nothing to worry about. All our sites are built on the Wix platform which rolled out its official SSL security today.

We spent all day, today:

  • installing the SSL Certificate on each one of our client's site.

  • Updating each site's Google Analytics.

  • Updating each site in our Webmaster Tool account.

  • Re-submitting each site's Site Map.

The Good News:

It doesn't cost our client one extra dollar. Yup, Wix made it free. And we did the installation for free as an added value to our clients.

Another of a thousand reasons, we are happy we became the first and only Certified Wix Webmaster in Belize.

If your site isn't secured, please contact your Web Developer today. Don't wait!

If you want a professional website made, please contact us today.

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