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Interesting Data about the Belizean Demographic: 18 - 44 Years Old

Belize Facebook data


- 51% are women and 49% or men.

- 41% are single, 30% in a relationship, 5% engaged, 24% married.

- 26% graduated from high school, 70% graduated from college, 4% graduated from grad school.

- 14% work in personal care, 18% work in sales, 22% are in administrative work.

- The #1 and #2 Facebook page Liked, are:

1. Breaking Belize News

2. Tasty

- Their favorite cellular phone carrier is Smart Belize

- 37% lives in Belize City, 10% lives in Belmopan, 7% Lives in Orange Walk, 6% lives in San Pedro, 6% lives in San Ignacio.

- 69% surf the net via mobile phone, 28% surf the net via desktop. 68% uses android phones and 10% uses iPhone/iPod.


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- Favorite Radio Station: HipHopStage

- Favorite automobile: Infiniti Kuwait - Al Babtain

- Favorite food/grocery: Espresso

- Favorite Shopping/Retail Store: GO Wireless Direct LTD.

- Favorite local businesses: Cellular World Belize, V.I.P. Wireless, Maya's Electronics Ltd.

- Favorite interest: Porn (that's what the data says, not me)

- Favorite artist: Vin Diesel

- Favorite product/service: Cotton Khandy Designs, Kubuli - Belize, UNO Belize

- Favorite comedian: STOP BAV, Kevin Hart, Jennifer Burrowes

- Favorite food/beverage: Presidente Beer, Lighthouse Lager

- Favorite cause: rescue dogs and cats

- Favorite sports team: FC Barcelona, Real Madrid C.F.

- Favorite journalist: Jose A. Sanchez

- Favorite media/news/publishing: 7 News Belize, CTV3 News

- Favorite hotel: The Ramada Belize City Princess, Radisson Fort George Hotel & Marina, Belize

- Favorite company: LA FASHIONS BOUTIQUE, Pink Boutique, Foreva Fancy, Jadore Studio Boutique

- Favorite shopping/retail: Eden Belize

- Favorite public figures: Miss Belize Universe, Nicki Minaj, Thibaut Fassuleto, Kim Kardashian West, Popcaan

- Favorite government Organization: U.S. Embassy of Belize

- Favorite musician/band: Tanya Carter, Lil Wayne, Bob Marley, Eminem, Shakira, Drake, Tarrus Riley

- Favorite jewelry/watches: Jenari

- Favorite TV show: Family Guy

- Favorite athlete: Leo Messi

- Favorite artist: Rihanna, Will Smith, Selena Gomez, Tyrese Gibson

- Favorite community organization: Jobiroo The Belize Job Board

- Favorite restaurant: The Guava Limb Café

- Favorite sports league: Football Federation of Belize - FFB

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Data source: Facebook data

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