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A Simple Trick That Will Make You Look Like a Graphics Design Pro

Let's face it, more and more business owners are designing their print marketing material in-house.

They are doing this because they want to: save money, have more control and get things design and printed in as little time as possible.

If you are one of these DIY business owners, then this article may help you look like a graphics design pro.

I have seen designs that look so awful, that I wonder if the business owner took into consideration how it would negatively impact their company's image and marketing efforts.

Fonts...wait a minute, let's correct this myth: There is a difference between a Typeface and a Font.

Knowing the difference and using difference Typefaces that compliment each other can make or break your design.


NOTE: It has become accepted to use these terms interchangeably in laymen's term, however, professional designers make the distinction. You should, too.


It can be the difference between a clean, professional looking: brochure, flier, business card, sign, or something that looks like your 5 year old kid patched it together in Microsoft Word (not that I have anything against MS Word).

Here, this quick guide will help you know the difference

Typeface vs Font

When you are putting together your marketing materials ideas, one of the first things you want to focus on is: "Which Typeface and Font should I use for my design?"

Here is the trick: you will want to make sure that the Typefaces you use compliment each other.

Don't just throw different Typefaces in your design and hope for the best.

Example: Arial is complimented by Georgia.

Therefore, if you are designing a flyer, use Arial for the header and use Georgia for the body.


Arial (first line) being complimented by Georgia (second line)



Monday, Wednesday & Friday


This simple trick will improve the professional look of your print marketing materials.

But, I am not finished.

Figuring out which Typeface compliments each other takes experience.

To help you cut down on the learning curve, there are many FREE online tools that will help you. I recommend:

Also, your computer comes with a standard set of Typeface. If you use a pairing tool, the fonts that they present may not be on your computer.

You can use a website such as FontSpace to find,download and install those fonts on your computer, so that you can use them in your design.

I hope this article helps make you a better designer.

If you need help, shoot us an email.

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