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It's Personal: The New Era of Content Marketing

Marketing in all its forms, continues to become more and more personal.

Especially for small businesses.

Gimmicks, tricks, generic strategies will get traffic to your Facebook page and website, however it may not necessarily convert to sales.

People are looking for quality, helpful, actionable content and personal, friendly, safe experiences.


Quality, Helpful, Actionable Content:

Quality & Helpful: AirBnB allows people from any part of the world to list and search their very large database of other private citizens who are renting their homes and private spaces.

Actionable: You can book directly through their platform.

Personal, Friendly, Safe Experience:

Personal & Friendly: AirBnB makes it very easy and efficient to communicate with a client who has or wants to book your space. Just download the easy-to-use app and you are ready to make and take bookings and communicate.

Also, AirBnB are always sending you reminders to answer an incoming message, giving you tips and more, all from their easy-to-use app, making it very easy for you to remain personal and friendly.

Safe: All payments are handled by AirBnB platform. If you make a booking, AirBnB holds the payments and releases it one day after you check in.

If you take a booking, you don't get paid until one day after the client checks in.

Their entire system makes it very difficult to get ripped off, whether you are booking someone's space or you are renting your space.

This concept is really easy to apply to your own business.

Just ask yourself how you can make: quality, helpful, actionable content for your Facebook and website visitors and customers...

...and how you can make their interaction with you and your business more personal, friendly and safe.

I would love to hear your thoughts and question.

If you found this article helpful, please share.


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