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45 Awesome Useful Websites

If you are going to spend time on the internet, why not spend it on some of the most useful websites of 2018.

51 Awesome Useful Websites

Most people end up on websites that shows pics of cats, memes and people dancing or hurting themselves.

Not because they want, but because, well they are entertaining, and it takes quite some effort to find random useful websites that are actually helpful...

...and that is why we took the time to comb the internet and put together this list of 51 Awesome Useful Websites.

Kill time, have fun and learn new things at the same time.

  1. TinEye Reverse Image Search: Found an image online and want to know more about it? Then site can help you.

  2. Free Annual Leave Planner for Business: Don't want to get caught short-staffed? Then this website can be a great option...and its free.

  3. Random YouTube Videos: Don't know what to watch on YouTube? Check out this website, you will stumble on some cool videos.

  4. Free Website Analyzer Tools: Want to get a quick report on your website's on-page SEO? Then this free tool can help.

  5. THEWEBSLIST - News & Internet Buzz: Ever feel like you just don't really know where to look for updated news and internet buzz? Then this site is truly fantastic.


  1. Capture full page as PNG: Ever wanted to capture and entire webpage as an image? Then this site's for you.

  2. BBC Sound Effects: Get sound effects for your videos.

  3. Meeting Place: Great tool to figure out where to plan a convenient place to have a meeting in your area.

  4. Mix.Rent: find rentals for cars, yachts, boats, motorcycles, bicycles, scooters and all transport all over the world, and make arrangements before your travels.

  5. Picular: are a web designer or interior designer and need to search colors? Then this is a great tool for you.


  1. Radios.YT: Don't know what to listen to or just tired of making your own YouTube music playlist? Then this site can help you out. Find a live music radio stations, find what you like, click, and listen to hours of tunes.

  2. Been-Hacked: check to see if your email has been compromised.

  3. Alternative to Google search engine. Actually, better in many ways.

  4. OnlineMathTools: an amazing and powerful site for people interested in math.

  5. Wallhalla: Need high quality wallpaper images? Then this site is for you.


  1. Web Developer Tools: Powerful list of tools for the web developers out there.

  2. Slant.Co: Ever wanted to buy a particular product but not sure if it is good and what people are saying about it? This site may help.

  3. SmallPDF: This is downright one of the best PDF tool site I have ever come across.

  4. TheAlphabetizer: Every wanted to alphabetize or capitalize some words you are typing, but realize it is not that easy? This sit will become one of your best writing buddy. The site has other helpful tool as well.

  5. Grammarly: Probably the best spell check and grammar correction tool there is.

  6. What If: I just love this site. Some of the weirdest scientific questions answered in a fun get-you-thinking way.


  1. Open Source Books: Over 2,000 text books, easily searched and sorted database.

  2. YouTube Converter: easily convert YouTube videos to MP3 (audio) or MP4 (video). No need to download any software.

  3. ShareFast: Want to quickly share a file, but don't have time to download and pay for DropBox? Then this site can be helpful and convenient.

  4. QuillBot: Ever want to rephrase something you have written but got stumped? This is yet another tool for your writing arsenal.

  5. SpliffyMap: a free cannabis atlas.


  1. Free Illustrations: a great selection of free vector art and icons

  2. Need to design a flyer, brochure or Facebook media graphics, quickly? Then this tool is a must in your arsenal.

  3. Mockup Websites for Designers: 12 of the best mockup websites for designers.

  4. Free Plagiarism Checker: Check your essays online.

  5. Vynchronize: ever wanted to watch a video online with friends and discuss? Then this may be the site for you.


  1. my favorite site to find free stock photos.

  2. Icon Monstr: Free, simple, customizable icons for your project.

  3. Google Fonts: Search, match and use a large selection of free fonts. Google rocks.

  4. Fast: quickly check your internet speed.

  5. Tiny URL: ever wanted to share a link but it was a mile long? This site will make it, well, tiny.


  1. Convert Roman Numerals: speaks for itself.

  2. Free Facebook Video Downloader: quickly download Facebook videos in MP4 format.

  3. Numbers to Words: quickly convert numbers to words.

  4. Trending YouTube videos: videos and music that are trending you YT.

  5. EtherFax: ever wanted a fax number you can use anywhere in the world, without actually signing up to a local telephone company? Here ya go.


  1. Google Translate: quickly translate from any language to any other language.

  2. EdX: Free online courses from the world's best universities.

  3. TED Talks: 2900+ talks to stir your curiosity.

  4. Google Drive: Get access to files anywhere through secure cloud storage and file backup for your photos, videos, files and more with Google Drive.

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