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You Probably Don't Even Know You Already Own The Most Powerful Marketing Tool

Powerful Marketing Tool is the Smartphone

You probably grab a hold of it and use it as you open your eyes.

Scrolling through your social media messages, emails, checking out the latest YouTube viral videos, snapping selfies of your self...and your pet.

But, did you know:

Companies such as Google and Apple continue to develop some of the best smart phones on the market, making them very powerful, yet affordable?

And did you also know that these devices continues to become one of the most important tool you can have in marketing your business?

That's right.

Smart phones are so powerful that they are becoming one of the top types marketing tools for small and even large businesses.

The most powerful and important marketing feature is a phone's camera.

Here's why.

Photo and video content continues to show that they get the most social media engagement.


"81% of businesses use video as a marketing tool -- up from 63%, the number reported in our 2017 survey."

Source: Hubspot

Companies like Adobe understands this marketing trend and has developed a powerful video-editing app, named Premiere Rush CC, which is optimized for social media video content creation.

This will allow you to use your Smart Phone to capture HD pics and videos, and also edit your marketing content, and post to your social media accounts.

Now that is a powerful marketing tool.

using smartphone as a marketing tool

In 2019 the only investment you may need to make for all your visual content creation - pictures and videos - will be a high-quality smart phone.

A smartphone has moved from a liability (something that simply costs you money) to a valuable business asset (something that can make you money) all depends on how and what you use it for.

So, what type of phone do you current own and what type of phone do you plan on buying after reading this article?

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