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Are You Adopting A Global Approach To Your Business?

"I have long been an advocate for adopting a global approach to business. It’s not something that works for every industry, but where it’s possible, it’s exceptionally effective. That’s because it affords you greater protection against economic conditions, whilst also providing you with a wider spread of business." Jim Connolly

Adopt a global approach to your business

If you have not yet stumbled upon Jim's Marketing Blog, I take this opportunity to share it with you.

In marketing I believe in being eclectic in learning, that is learning as much as possible from as many sources as possible, from as much people, places and organizations around the world as possible...


marketing is not an exact-science, and though their are heuristics (rules of thumb), being capable of adapting them to your own marketing strategies for small business is critical if you want results.

Follow Jim's Marketing Blog here, you may learn a lot:


Leslie Tech focuses on website development and Facebook marketing strategies.

These two types of marketing strategies are most effective for businesses that want to build awareness, trust and thus sales, as fast as possible.

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