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5 Ways To Connect Deeper With The Needs Of Your Guests

We have to remember something very important: business is all about people. It doesn't matter if you are a tour operator, hotel owner, restaurateur, bar owner, or if you are a street side vendor. It is always a person that decides to buy from you.

So, it is important for you and your business to want to connect a little deeper with the needs of your guests, which will allow you to continue to develop and better serve your market place, thus attracting more business.

1. We All Love To Talk About A Great Story

If you focus on giving people a worthy story to share with their friends and contacts, that’s exactly what they will do. This is basically how all word-of-mouth recommendations happen. Think about all the brands, products and services you’ve recommended in the past...what made them worthy of your recommendation? Now figure out how you can adapt that into your tourism business in Belize.

2. We All Love The Feeling Of Success

Look at the type of business you own and operate in the tourism industry in Belize and figure out ways you can help your guests and people planning on visiting Belize. What special value does your business offer that can help a visitor experience Belize in a very unique way? Is there a book, website, blog, idea etc., which you found useful? Then share it or recommend it.

3. We All Love To Be Valued

In Dale Carnegie's book "How To Win Friends & Influence People" he stated:

If you want to change people, you begin with praise and honest appreciation.

Are you good at showing your appreciation of other people? You would be surprised at the power of a simple thank you note; it can make a huge difference to how someone feels... and it is even more powerful when they’re not expecting it.

4. We All Love To Feel Safe

One of the main fears that arose in the tourism industry during the Covid-19 pandemic were losing one's deposit. Smart business owners were quick to adapt their booking and cancellation policies, many did not. Changing your policies to be more flexible gave guests and potential guests the feeling of being more secure and comfortable. You want people to know that you are willing to take a risk with them, and not only them taking a risk. This is risk reversal, and it is universally effective.

5. We All Love To Save Time

Have you looked at your website, as a guest would, and see how long it takes to find the information you want and, either, make a booking inquiry or pay for a service right away? If you feel confused and frustrated in this process, so will your site visitors. Look for opportunities to help your guests and potential guests get more done in less time. This doesn't have to only include your website, try thinking outside the box, think as a visitor and figure out how you would want something to save you more time with whatever it is you are trying to do while on vacation.

Assess. Adapt. Survive.

Download our FREE "Marketing Through Covid-19 Crisis: A Coronavirus Battle Plan For Tour Operators In Belize" PDF document.

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