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A Belize Fly Fishing Logo Project

It was fun collaborating with my brother at Charlie Design in coming up with this logo design.

We applied the 6 elements of a successful logo design:

  1. Simple - simple logos are easily recognizable. You will recognize the Nike swoosh on a tennis shoe on the most crowded street.

  2. Describable - If someone walks up to you right now and ask you to describe the McDonalds logo, you will blurt out "A large yellow M".

  3. Memorable - If you are talking about trucks, your mind automatically goes to a Dodge truck.

  4. Timeless - getting your logo and other marketing material designed costs money. So, having a logo that won't need to be updated often, is important. Coca Cola's famous red cursive (serif font) logo has remained virtually the same from day one.

  5. Versatile - imagine you need a lot of copies of a particular marketing material to distribute, and it is cheaper to do it in black and white. Your logo will get lost if it is very complex.

  6. Appropriate - your logo should "speak" to the appropriate audience. The colors, font, and graphics should have a synergistic feel and convey the essence of the brand. The NBA logo is flawless: A guy dribbling a basketball (white cutout) between a red and blue background, which are predominant opposing colors, thus representing the competition of the sport.

Look out for the fully responsive website I am building on the new and powerful Editor X platform.

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