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A Good Mood: An Important Part Of Marketing. Here Are 10 Ways To Attract Positive Energy

Charles Leslie Jr. Website Developer and Facebook Marketing Strategist

By Charles Leslie Jr. | Owner | Leslie Tech: Websites & Facebook Marketing


I have read thousands of articles about every aspect of digital marketing, print marketing, advertising, you name it.

But, there is something I haven't really found.

I am yet to read an article that points out, in a crystal clear way, that having a positive attitude is as important as any tool or strategy in getting your creative juices flowing, and extracting those fantastic marketing ideas floating around in your head.

I often take the time to pull ideas from articles and stick them in my growing personal list of ways to get into a great mood.

This makes working on a website development project, or creating a Facebook marketing strategy for a client, much more fun and creative.

Get in a good mood today.

These are my 10 most favorite ways to get into a good, positive mood.

In no particular order.

1. Listen to Relaxing music.

While I work I love to jump on YouTube and find some relaxing music. 3 of my favorites are: Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata, Silence and Fur Elise. There are many playlists people have created, search "work music" or "relaxing music" and you will have plenty of choices.

2. Have a glass of wine.

I love to have a glass of Merlot while I work. It relaxes my mind, and I think much clearer. Whichever wine works for you, go with that. I wouldn't suggest much more than a glass or two throughout your project.

3. Turn off your phone.

If you have phone calls coming in or social media notifications pinging away in your ear, you can get distracted and frustrated really fast. I recommend working for an hour straight, with zero distractions and then taking a 10 minute - 30 minute break. This prevents the mind from burning out.

4. Read positive quotes.

Believe it or not, reading a few positive and inspirational quotes does help to put you in a positive mood. You can find plenty here.

5. Call someone close to you.

My mom lives far away and when I was younger I did not communicate with her much. I now call her as often as I can and at no particular time. Being a dad, I now know how much she appreciates hearing from me, especially since I am her youngest (-: I know it puts her in a good mood and it certainly puts me in a positive mood.

6. Do a quick workout.

Do a few push-ups, then take a shower, and see your entire mood and day change for the better before your eyes. This will get your entire mind and body going, and you will feel really great. Do whatever workout and as much as you are comfortable with. Something just to get the blood flowing.

7. Watch a comedy show.

When I am taking a break from a project, and I feel like it is not going how I want, which makes me feel down, I would use some of my break-time to watch one of my favorite comedians. Having a good laugh will give you a good dose of feel-good endorphins. Again, YouTube is a great tool. You can find just about any comedy show.

8. Dress nice.

Whether you have a home office or you work for someone else, dress nice...all the time, while working. Looking nice is directly linked to feeling nice.

9. Practice the art of Kaizen.

This is the Japanese word for "improvement". Follow the 5S process: sort, set in order, shine, standardize, sustain. I am especially fond of "a place for everything and everything in its place." A cluttered work space will certainly cause distraction, so tidy up your workplace before you start your work. Learn more here.

10. Practice the art of Feng Shui.

I thought this was hogwash, until I applied it and found that it actually works. I never place a door or window to my back, and found that the color green soothes me. Feng Shui is somewhat complex, but worth the time to learn. You can find more information here.


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