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Barefoot Caribe | A Belize Hotel | Website with Integrated Property Management System

Barefoot Caribe Hotel in Caye Caulker Belize

We are very please to announce the official website launch of Barefoot Caribe Hotel + Restaurant located on the beautiful island of Caye Caulker, Belize.

A website that works for you

This website has a Property Management System (PMS) that seamlessly integrates into it. This allows site visitors to find available rooms and make a booking directly from the website.

No more missed bookings: You don't miss a booking because you missed a phone call, or an email that went into your spam box.

Think about it this way: you are out for the day on a business trip. Your website is there, acting as a 24/7 booking agent...that doesn't sleep...and doesn't collect a commission.

Once a booking is made from your site, it automatically updates your PMS calendar. You get a notification about the new booking. No more double booking.

Your PMS is accessible from any internet ready computer.

That's not all

Wix technology is so cutting edge, like AirBnB, they have developed a mobile app that allows you to manage your PMS directly from your!

Once the app is installed on your phone, you will get notified of bookings that comes in from your website, you will be able to manually add reservations for walk-in guests, you will be able to get a snapshot of future bookings and you will be able to communicate with guests directly through the app...

...making your life so much simpler and organized!

It gets even better

Many hotels in Belize are now using Online Travel Agents (OTAs) such as, AirBnB and others. But, this can be a nightmare.


You now have your awesome new website with an integrated PMS, now you have your rooms on AirBnB and, and you start to worry... now have 3 different calender's to worry about keeping updated and synchronized.

Barefoot Caribe Hotel + Restaurant's PMS has another layered system that works for them, that is, a Channel Manager.

What is a Channel Manager?

This is a service that allows your PMS to automatically sync with all your OTAs' calendars.

Here is a scenario:

A booking comes in from your site, the Channel Manager automatically synchronize your PMS calendar, your calendar and your AirBnB calendar.

Therefore, no matter where a booking comes from, all your calendars will automatically booking.

If you need a professional webiste built for your Belize hotel with a PMS and Channel Manager that works for you and make your life easier, contact us today.

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