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Belize Tourism Owners: BE YOU

I am seeing more and more businesses in the Belize tourism industry using all the marketing gimmicks they can get their hands on.

Even I am guilty of this sometimes. It is why I have, and continuously improve, systems for my business.

Here is what is destroying your tourism product in Belize: you are chasing "likes" which more often than not, does not translate that someone actually like your business.

Posting funny memes all day, will probably work for getting more likes and engagement, but right now, you need people who are willing to spend money to stay at your hotel, use your tour service, eat at your restaurant, get a massage at your spa.

You need to figure out what you want to say, the change you want to make and the story you want to tell. Once you figure that out, then say it. Wholeheartedly and with intent.

Stop posing. BE YOU.

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