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5 Simple Tricks To Boost Your Belize Facebook Page

Boost your Belize Facebook page

I am sure that you are reading this and have a Facebook page for your business that you haven't updated in a long time and gathering digital cob web.

You are probably a business owner in Belize who got excited one day and decided to give your business a boost by opening a Facebook page, invited your friends and then thought that business was going to pour in.

It didn't. You lost interest. Now your Facebook page is gathering digital cobweb.

I am here to help:

Do you own a restaurant, bar, hotel or are a tour operator or guide? Your phone is your most powerful digital marketing tool...

...use it to share meaningful information on your Facebook page about your industry and your business.

Simple Tricks To Boost Your Facebook Business Page.

  1. Post Pictures: Your Chef cooked up an amazing steak dinner? Take a picture and post it to Facebook with a short description.

  2. Post Short Videos: Having a beer drinking contest at your bar? Livestream it to your page. Caught a client on video jumping a 40lb tarpon? Definitely post it.

  3. Post Helpful information: Own a hotel and there is a new park being built near park? Let people know about it, and reinforce that there are family friendly public space near to your hotel.

  4. Time Of Day to Post: In Belize, you want to make at least one post per day around 11 a.m., 1 p.m., 3 p.m. or 5 p.m.

  5. Frequency: Post at least 3 times per day. The 3 best days are usually Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday. These are the days when most Belizeans with a Facebook account are online and logged in.

Bonus Tip:

Tweak the best time of day and frequency, by studying your page's Insights.

Faceook insights

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