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DIY Facebook Marketing? What You Should Know

DIY Facebook Marketing in Belize

More and more business owners are taking up DIY (Do It Yourself) Facebook marketing.

There are several reasons for this, however, from what I have been told, the main reason is due to budgetary constraints.

I am assuming that you are using a Facebook business page. If you are using a Facebook profile to market your business...

...stop now! and open a Facebook page. It's FREE.

One of the most important things you need to learn about Facebook marketing is your page's "Insights".

Here, you will find lots of data about your page, however, I don't want to overwhelm you, so I will point out what metrics you should focus on first:

  • When Your Fans Are Online: So that you know the best time to post.

  • Which Post Types perform the best: link, photo, video, status, so that you can focus on posting what works best.

Many blogs I have read will give you general guidelines on what are the best days and time to post, and pictures and videos always seem to perform better than a text post.

However, some business Facebook Page audience will differ some, and others will differ greatly.

Here are the steps to take to find your Page's "Insights" and what metrics you need to focus on.

STEP # 1:

Go to your Facebook Business Page and click on "Insights"

DIY Facebook marketing

STEP # 2:

Click on "Posts"

Do It Yourself Facebook Marketing

STEP # 3:

Here you will see the metrics:

  • Days: In the image below you can see that Sunday has the highest number of visitors for the week.

  • Time: In the image below you can also see that 8 p.m. has the highest number of visitors for that day.

Conclusion: these two metrics tells me that the best time for me to post will be on Sunday at 8 p.m.

DIY Facebook Marketing

STEP # 4:

Now that I know which day and time I should make a post, I need to figure out which posts I should focus on.

Click on "Post Types"

Here you will notice that Links perform the best on my page.

Conclusion: This metrics tells me that I need to focus on posting Links.

Note: you shouldn't just post links to any kind of content. Make sure it is helpful and related to your business. In this case, digital marketing.

Do It Yourself Facebook Marketing

STEP # 5:

Performance of your Posts.

The most important metrics you should select and pay attention to under "All Posts Published" to your page are:

  • Click on: Reactions, Comments & Shares

  • Click on: Engagement > Reactions, Comments & Shares

Make the selection as highlighted in the image below.

DIY Facebook Marketing

In the image below you will see that the top 3 best performing Posts on my page are Links (boosted Posts)...

...and they are links to blog pages on my website at Which also helps to push traffic to my website.

DIY Marketing

Once you understand the basics of Facebook Page Insights, you will be able to fine tune your Facebook marketing efforts and get more bang for your buck.

There is nothing wrong with DIY Facebook marketing. However, you will reach a point where you will simply not have the time or the expertise, therefore, if you need any help, please let us know.

digital marketing in Belize

Please, feel free to use this blog as a reference guide.

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