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Happy Birthday to the World Wide Web, Without You There Would Be No Wix Platform!

Tim Berners-Lee wanted a way to communicate with and allow other scientists to share information.

30 years later his invention allows, from the grandest of corporations to the individual, to easily share information at the click of a button and the tap of a screen, to millions of people; to sell the products of their skills to anyone in the world...

...and most importantly, to have a voice.

A big Happy Birthday to the World Wide Web and massive respect to Time Berners-Lee, an incredible human being.

And I must take this time also to thank, the Wix Design Experts and the entire Wix family for creating such an amazing:

  • web design platform

  • helpful and supportive Wix design experts

  • easy to use advanced web development tools and features

that allows the beginner to the advanced web designer to create beautiful websites that get results! has put together an amazing editorial feature:

The World Wide Web:

The Invention That Connected The World

As we reach the web’s 30th birthday, we reflect on its history – from its hardware foundations to the 5 billion person network we see today

The internet is a huge network of computers all connected together, but it was the world wide web that made the technology into something that linked information together and made it accessible to everyone. In essence, the world wide web is a collection of webpages found on this network of computers – your browser uses the internet to access the world wide web.
The world wide web was invented by Sir Tim Berners-Lee in 1989 – originally he was trying to find a new way for scientists to easily share the data from their experiments. Hypertext (text displayed on a computer display that links to other text the reader can immediately access) and the internet already existed, but no one had thought of a way to use the internet to link one document directly to another.

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