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How To Generate Cash Flow As A Hotel Owner In Belize [a case study]

Let's face it: any hotel accommodation business in Belize will tell you that Cash Is King and they are worried about the uneasiness of international tourists traveling to Belize because of the Rona.

I found this really cool article about how Hard Rock Hotels generated over $1 million dollars in new revenue using this very simple marketing strategy.

I will break down their strategy into bite-sized pieces, which you will be able to use and take action right away. I will link to the original article at the end of this blog post.

Before you jump to the end of this blog post, please, do read it in its entirety.

How To Generate Cash Flow As A Hotel Owner In Belize

Remember: lowering your prices will only take you so far.

No matter the discount, some travelers will still be reluctant to visit Belize and take advantage of your sweet discounts.

What You Need To Do

Start selling open-dated accommodation vouchers.

This will help you to generate cash now, and don't we all need cash now, right?

Make the accommodation vouchers redeemable anytime within 12 months of purchase.

Additional Tips:

  • Create all-inclusive packages ranging from 3 - 7 days, with optional upgrades.

  • Set your prices for low and high season months. This will show stability.

  • Showcase your offers on your website. Don't have a website or your website is outdated and your Webmaster is MIA? Then contact us today and we will build you a professional website at an affordable cost.

  • Also, promote your offers on your social media business pages, e-newsletter, paid ads for Google Ads, Facebook ads etc.

  • Campaign name example: "Save Now. Travel Later."

Setting up and selling open-ended accommodation vouchers should help you increase revenues, since visitors will be able to buy/save now and travel later.

Trust me when I say this: stop relying solely on discounts. Your hotel may very well get trapped in that price bracket and it will be very hard to get out of.

Check out the original article here.

We can build and manage your website and social media pages, establishing your Online Presence, build awareness and generate more leads.

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