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NEW! Business Tools: Maximize your business growth

Maximize your business growth...

With these Business Tools:


Turn Subscribers into Engaged Customers

Share regular newsletters, special offers, and announcements, so contacts keep your business in mind.


Turn Leads into Paying Customers

Propose and negotiate pricing for your products and services. Automatically convert accepted quotes into invoices.


Live Chat with Site Visitors

Reach out at just the right moment to answer questions and close deals. Business owners who use live chat make up to 300% more sales.


Manage Your Business Communications

See and respond to every message and track your conversation history. Sync your Facebook and Gmail to build a multi-channel communication hub.


Build & Manage Mailing Lists

Every new lead gets automatically added to your contact list. From here, you can assign labels, filter contacts and quickly get in touch.


Streamline Your Workload

Create and manage your own custom workflows to track leads, prioritize tasks and help your team visualize what needs doing, and when.


Don’t Forget a Thing

Keep motivated and stay on track with your own digital to-do list, available on desktop and mobile.


Turn Visitors into Leads

Collect contact details, request feedback, take payments, and more with customizable forms.


Request, Accept & Track Payments

Create and send branded invoices to request payment for your products and services. Track the status of each payment right from your dashboard.


Boost Return Visits

Personalize the site experience for your most engaged visitors. Offer private member accounts and give exclusive access to specific services and content


Drive More Sales

Encourage first-time sales and get more repeat business with custom discount coupons.


Send the Right Message at the Right Time

Set up automated responses to site actions and account activities to boost productivity and save time.

All our Website Plans include Business Tools...

However, once we complete the development and launch of your website, you, as the client, will have to manage those tools.

And this is why we developed our Business Tools Management Service...

These Business Tools will help you to maximize your business growth...


many businesses do not want the hassle of managing the marketing of their business. They prefer to outsource.

And this is where we come in...

We will manage the marketing of your website, while you focus on...well, managing your business and making sure your customers are happy.

The purpose of our Business Tools Management Service:

It is very simple; we will create and execute marketing strategies to promote your website and connect with your customers so as to maximize the amount of business your website can generate for you...which translates to more money in your bank account.


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