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Overcoming Being Overwhelmed: A Two-Step Process That Works

man with glasses at his work desk looking stressed out and overwhelmed
He is feeling overwhelmed

Alex had just landed his dream job at a prestigious company, and the excitement was palpable.

He was eager to prove himself and show that he was up for the challenge, but as the days went by, Alex began to feel overwhelmed.

The pressure of his new role was starting to weigh heavily on him, and he couldn't help but wonder if he was cut out for it.

Alex found himself constantly questioning his abilities and whether he was doing enough to meet the expectations of his colleagues and superiors.

One day, while grappling with a massive project, Alex confided in a seasoned colleague.

They shared with him a simple two-step process that had worked wonders for them in times when they were overwhelmed.

"Ask yourself, 'what's the next good step?' Then take that step," they said.

At first, Alex was skeptical. It seemed too easy, too simple. But he decided to give it a try. He asked himself, "What's the next good step?" and the answer came to him almost immediately.

He broke the project down into smaller, more manageable parts and began working on the first step.

To his surprise, he found that as he took action, his sense of control grew stronger, and his feelings of being overwhelmed began to diminish.

He continued to follow the two-step process, taking things one step at a time, and soon he found himself making significant progress on the project.

Alex realized that by focusing on the next good step, he could break free from the paralysis of feeling overwhelmed and take back control of the situation.

He applied the process to every challenge he faced, no matter how big or small, and found that it helped him stay focused and motivated.

Years later, as a seasoned professional, Alex shared this two-step process with colleagues and friends who were struggling with similar feelings of being overwhelmed.

He recounted how it had helped him regain control and move forward, even in the face of seemingly insurmountable challenges.

In the end, Alex learned that taking action was key to overcoming feeling overwhelmed.

By breaking things down into smaller steps and focusing on the next good step, he was able to regain control and achieve his goals.
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