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Stop Making Promises You Can't Keep

I have seen it too many times in the tourism industry: businesses make promises and promptly breaks them.

Here's a personal experience: Years ago, I saw a Facebook ad from this very nice beachfront resort in San Pedro. They were offering a "Belizean" discount.

I booked. Went to San Pedro, and got treated like the discount they offered.

Customer Service was subpar. I literally sat and watch their front desk personnel changed how they spoke to and treated a "foreign" guest compared to me, a Belizean.

If I was told I would be treated differently, and it would be based on the fact that I was paying a discounted rate and I was a Belizean, I would not have had a problem with that. That was their promise for the discounted rates and being Belizean. That is just honesty, right?

Of course, I would never return to that resort nor recommend it.

When you advertise your tourism business in Belize, all the content you put out for consumption - social media, website, print etc - its main purpose is to get guests through the door and spending money, and is a part of your promise.

If your promise changes based on discounts, specials, demographic...then make that clear to your guests. If not, then treat every single guest based on the promise you made.

Another example: a restaurant opens and offers a bucket of beer (6) for $25, plus a side of salsa and chips. A week later, the bucket is up to $30 and no chips and salsa.

I have seen restaurant and bars do this so many times, its not even funny.

They would open with, and fulfill, a great promise and within weeks or months, they would start to break their promise and can't figure out why they struggle to garner more business and even end up losing business.

Whatever type of tourism business you own, the promise you decide to make: communicate it clearly, and commit to it 100%. If the promise needs to change...communicate clearly the reasons why, and what will be your new promise.

#keepyourpromise #promisesmatter

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